10 Best Hacks 10mn+ yearly blog readers!

Blogging feels monotonous and an exhausting activity when the blogs do not generate ample readers. It is when the blogger puts in his heart and soul towards a word, to realize that it is not just his energy drained but also the readers/subscribers in his blog. So how do you reverse this and generate more traffic on your blogging website? Here are some of the best strategies to generate 10M+ views on blogs yearly.


Create impressive titles

The titles for the blog posts are often more important than the blogs themselves. Titles act as a means to drive users to view and click on the blogs and read more. Coming up with irresistible headlines is one of the key roles in driving readers into a blog, especially when it is a promise-driven headline or a curiosity-driven headline.

Post blogs frequently

More priority is given to the accounts with frequent posts, than the ones that have occasional preferences. It is better to identify the struggles, difficulties and likes of readers and then come up with compelling content.

Social Media Promotion

Advertising on social media platforms is one of the best ways to get traffic to blogs with readers. If cost is not a factor then this method can be approached, yet if there is a tight budget then the user can himself share his blogs for free on social media.

Guest posts

Guest Post on other blogs is a win-win situation for both, it does not just help in widening the scope of your readers but also helps and gets you the readers of the user with whom the guest post is conducted.

Conduct Give-Aways

One of the best ways to generate readers and subscribers is through free giveaways of items. Items can be very basic like an eBook or a games subscription, to generate more readers in the blogs. In general, people love things that are for free and get excited about them.

Comment on Different Blogs

Posting constructive and meaningful comments on other blogs helps them to understand that their post was read and this, in turn, leads them to be happy. This returns the value of an increased scope of collaboration with them in the future.  

Optimizing Blogs with SEO

Optimizing Blogs with SEO is basically to get more readers through search engines crawling into the blogs. It is to find phrases and keywords that are going to be mostly used to result down upon the blog. Then, use these keywords to generate more readers in the content of the blog itself.

Include photos in blogs

Photos not only create visually appealing blogs for the readers but can also be used with keywords of the image itself to generate a better SEO for the blog. It is to be kept in mind that not all images from Google can be put in blogs as it might violate copyright laws.

Include links in blogs

Including links to blogs not only goes on to pursue the interest of the reader but also the interests of the companies/brands that the link leads to. This helps even when someone searches about a brand on Google or any search engine, and the results include the blog as well.

Have fun blogging

It often becomes hectic writing blogs every day and then not receiving the readers expected. So, it is best to have fun while blogging and writing on topics that serve the interest of the blogger as well.

“Guest Post on other blogs is a win-win situation for both. While it obviously helps in widening the scope of your readers’ areas of interest, it also directs the attention of the readers of the user to the connected guest post.”

The 10 ways above are one of the best strategies to get readers into blogs. Now, it is totally upon the blogger to understand which of these turns out the best for him/her.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Google help in increasing readers in blogs?

Yes. Since most of the readers are to use Google as a search engine and since Google has an algorithm to suggest users according to their choices, Google does help to increase readers in a blog.

2. How to continue writing interesting blogs?

It is best to start writing blogs on what interests you personally so that the consistency of the blogs can be generated with ease and you can also have fun blogging.



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