Why Bing and Yahoo failed before Google?

How did Google turn out to be the best search engine with a market share of over
90%? Why do users opt for it? over other search engines like Yahoo?

Google Search is the search engine provided by Alphabet Inc. It handles more than 3 billion searches
per day and has more than 90% share in the global search engine market, turning it into the
most visited site in the world.

The #1 Search Engine in the World

One of the reasons why Google is better than other search engines is that it has almost all the
data in the world since everyone in the world uses it. It tracks the search and browsing
history on the internet of users, they create a particular profile on the user and serve up search
results that match the profile. The search results that one gets on it may not be the same as
that of someone else, even if they have the same question. This is why it can create the
best search engine algorithm over others who do not possess such data. It is all about
Google’s privacy policy clearly states that the user is trusting their data with them. This has led
It is the most popular website, wherein people actually like it. It has become
synonymous with searching the web. So, it becomes difficult for other websites to compete with
something where no one wants an alternative.

Google vs Other Search Engines

Google vs Yahoo

The once most popular search engine, Yahoo with a chance to buy it at one point failed to
predict the future and unfortunately wasn’t comfortable to change/updating with time as were its
competitors Google and Bing. This inflexible attitude turned out to cost them their market share
in the search engine market with only above 1% market share as of today.

Google vs DuckDuckGo

While the revenue model for both these websites is based on advertisement, Google provides the
ads based on the information of a user while DuckDuckGo provides is based on the search term.
Google tracks all the internet activity of a user and thus doesn’t stand out to be the best search
engine for privacy but definitely a preferred one. It provides personalized results while the
latter blocks all internet tracking and provides generalized results.

Google vs Bing

Google has been there since 1998 and hasn’t changed its name since, Bing on the other hand
started as MSN search in the beginning which later got rebranded as Windows Live Search, then
to Bing in 2008. Often Bing Search is unable to provide the exact result for the search that
would otherwise be available on Google, giving rise to the whole chicken and the egg problem,
wherein to generate better results the search engine would require more traffic, and for more
traffic, it needs to provide better results.


Google, unlike other search engines also comes in with many features like Google Drive, Gmail,
YouTube, Maps, Meet, etc. As a standard producer of Android phones, it gets a head-on
advantage over other search engines on the data generated by the users. The more data it
acquires, the more polished results it can offer to its users. It has one of the most refined
search engines as often it doesn’t even show the link to a website for a question and answers it by
itself, letting the user save time rather than looking for a website and finding the answer to the
question within the website.
With Google in the market, it is indeed difficult for the other top search engines to fight an
opponent stronger than them combined. Though competition has turned out to be a very good
and healthy thing without which the search engine undoubtedly wouldn’t be nearly as good as it is today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Google search engine have a reward feature?
No, it currently does not feature any such reward facility but Microsoft has come
up with this new rewarding system for anyone who wants to earn while using their search
engine, Bing.

Which search engine should be used?
This depends more upon the preferences of a person, if the person does not want his
searches and clicks to be tracked then he opt for search engines other than Google, while
for someone who prefers personalised search results for his queries can blindly go for


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