20 Most Visited Websites in 2022

Here’s the list of the most visited websites!

20 most globally visited websites in 2022! 

20. Reddit.com

Reddit - Apps on Google Play

Category: Computers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks

Reddit is a very popular forum and social networking website where users can join and interact with subject matters of their choice. A vast variety of topics ranging from the theory of relativity to conspiracy theories, there is something for everyone. Rare topics and the global community are the reason why this is a very popular forum.

19. Office.com

Basic tasks in PowerPoint Online - PowerPoint

Category: Computers Electronics and Technology > Programming and Developer Software

Everyone who has worked with computers has definitely come across the Office Suite. Microsoft now offers the same features as Microsoft Office on an online platform. This is an easy-to-use online software and thus very popular amongst the masses.

18. Tiktok.com

Using TikTok? Check out these six security tips – Naked Security

Category: Computers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks

Needless to say, Tiktok has created a revolution in video-type content creation and consumption. Indirectly competing with youtube.com, TikTok has created its own niche through a short video type format. With over 650 million users, it is the 18th most visited website.

17. Netflix.com

Netflix 'Shuffle Play' Feature Randomly Streams Selected Titles - Variety

Category:Arts & Entertainment > Streaming & Online TV

Netflix offers a range of entertaining content throughout the year. In various global and regional languages, Netflix releases hundreds of titles every year. Other than this it is also a platform to find the most popular movies and sitcoms at.

16. Live.com

Cleanup Windows Live Contacts - Thomas Maurer

Category: Computers Electronics and Technology > Email

Better known as Outlook, live.com is still a channel for a lot of university emails. Easy account creation, sharing                       

15. Pornhub.com

Pornhub removes all unverified content, following reports of exploitation |  TechCrunch

Category: Adult

The name describes it all, should we say more? Although, we are surprised it’s not in the top 5 this year. Keep on reading to find which website has ranked better in this category this year!

14. Yahoo.co.jp

Yahoo! Japan - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Category: News & Media Publishers

Japan still has a lot of users on Yahoo!, a very familiar and known email service. Not only does it offer email services but also is a great platform to find the latest news and trends around the world!

13. Amazon.com

Amazon.com: Amazon eGift Card - Amazon Logo: Gift Cards

Category:eCommerce & Shopping > Marketplace

Jeff Bezos initially started this website as an online bookstore. But who knew this would become an e-commerce store where you could find anything you wish for and get it delivered right at your doorstep!

12. Xnxx.com

XNXX App - How to Install on Firestick/Android for Free Adult Movies

Category: Adult

It is not even surprising that we have another adult website on the top 20.

11. Whatsapp.com


Category: Computers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks

WhatsApp has been an instant messenger for over a decade now. Dominant in the messaging sector, WhatsApp has now also rolled in the feature of WhatsApp web which allows the users to link their mobile apps with their laptop/PC screens and access all the features from there. Whatsapp.com has thus been one of the most visited websites.

10. Xvideos.com

XVideos Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, new

Category: Adult

Xvideos has surpassed two of the most popular adult websites and is the most visited adult website in 2022.

9. Yahoo.com

Category: News & Media Publishers

Yahoo.com has established a global presence and created one of the most popular email services, whilst offering news and articles on its website! 

8. Yandex.ru 

Yandex — Principles — Logo

Category: Computers Electronics and Technology > Search Engines

Yandex is a search engine that is very popular in Russia since it is based on the Russian language and follows Russian script.

7. Wikipedia.com

Wikipedia Logo PNG Vector (AI) Free Download

Category: Reference Materials > Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Wikipedia is one of the most exhaustive reference banks which contains all the subjects possible. It is a crowd source information portal that is based on contributions by its users.

6. Baidu.com

Now China's Baidu design self-driving car

Category: Computers Electronics and Technology > Search Engines

Search Engine Baidu is very popular in the Chinese subcontinent. Some people can also call it the Chinese google!

5. Instagram.com

What Is Instagram and How It Works: a Beginner's Guide

Category: Computers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks

This website needs no introduction if you are from Gen Z. A social networking website that allows users to share their media with their followers and follow other accounts they like. It has millions of users and more adding every day!



Category: Computers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks

Twitter is a great social networking space and a place to share your thoughts with the masses. It has been around for more than a decade!


25 Amazing Facts About Facebook

Category: Computers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks

The Zuckerburg creation needs no introduction! The beginning of the new age of social media networking and the advent of digital connectivity.


File:Logo of YouTube (2015-2017).svg - Wikipedia

Category:Arts & Entertainment > Streaming & Online TV

Youtube is such a great platform to watch and share content. One of the biggest platforms that showcase originally created content, it is the 2nd most visited website in 2022. This leads us to our Most visited website in 2022. Any guesses?


Google - Apps on Google Play

Category: Computers Electronics and Technology > Search Engines

Quite obvious, right? Day and night anything any questions…Google is there to answer it all for you!

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So here’s the list of the 20 most visited websites of 2022. Did you guess them right? Are there any websites that you did not know about? Are there any websites you feel should be part of the list? Let us know in the comment section.


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